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The Pre-Painted section is run by Nana (Who also works at King Games), everything in this category is painted by her. You can see much of her different work on her blog found here:

Everything in this category is hand painted and ready to use products perfect for RPGs, dungeon crawl and tabletop games. All the miniatures and terrain are usable for 28mm scale games. The products are 100% unique, you get what you see in the pictures.  

Female Druid with Flowers
435,00 DKK
Female Halfling Ranger
440,00 DKK
Female Jester Queen
379,00 DKK
Goblin Rogue with Torch
189,00 DKK
Iron Golem
375,00 DKK
Large Earth Elemental
375,00 DKK
Mocking Beast
149,00 DKK
Overgrown Well
125,00 DKK
Skull Bridge
269,00 DKK
Statue: Cthulhu Monument
225,00 DKK
Statue: Suit of Armor
149,00 DKK
Treasure Markers (5)
185,00 DKK
Barbarian's Longhouse
299,00 DKK
Boulder Trap
289,00 DKK
Cathedral Altar
155,00 DKK
Cathedral Platform Circle
225,00 DKK
Chtulhu Obelisk
185,00 DKK
Female Sorceress
399,00 DKK
Graveyard Golem
299,00 DKK
Incantation Circle
225,00 DKK
Kingsized Bed
119,00 DKK
Large Campfire
130,00 DKK
Large Stone Columns (2)
225,00 DKK
Large Water Elemental
349,00 DKK
Ornate Closet
129,00 DKK
Royal Wardrobe
185,00 DKK
Small Staircase
165,00 DKK
Statue: Angel Of Death
199,00 DKK
Statue: The Black Knights
199,00 DKK
Statue: The Dark Seer
145,00 DKK
Statue: The Oracle
165,00 DKK
Suit of Armor Statues (2)
249,00 DKK
Toxic Pool
249,00 DKK
Treasure Piles (2)
235,00 DKK
Troll Slayer's Study
499,00 DKK
  Products Found: 43 

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